Class 2 Gk Questions 100+ Important Question And Answers PDF Download

Generally General knowledge is a very important topic but in schools these subjects are not given much attention,

general knowledge is very important not only for exams but also for daily life, today we will learn Class 2 gk questions and answers thoroughly

class 2 gk questions
class 2 gk questions

Class 2 Gk Questions Importance

class 2 gk questions in इंग्लिश  Today we will make you practice important gk questions of class 2, it will include questions from history, science and all subjects, this question will be very important for your exam,

so read it carefully and rememberThese questions are also related to your daily life, so it is necessary to remember them.

Gk Questions For Class 2 With Answers

How many months are there in 1 year?

Ans – 12

Who invented the electric bulb?

Ans-Thomas Alva Edison

What is the other names of India?

Ans-Hindustan, Bharat, Aryavarta & India

Which is the national fruit of India?


Which is the national tree of India?


Which is the nearest star to the Earth?


How many planets are there in the solar system?


Which planet is called the blue planet?


Who is the second citizen of India?

Ans-Vice President

Who is the first citizen of India?

Ans- President

What is the name of the national bird of India?

Ans- Peacock

When is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated?

Ans-02 October

Which is the national flower of India?


When is Independence Day celebrated?

Ans- August 15

When is Republic Day celebrated?

Ans- 26 January

What is the festival of colors called?


What is the festival of lights called?


How many players are there in cricket?


Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

Ans-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

How many bones are there in the human body?


Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

Ans- Steppes

Which is the largest bone of the human body?

Ans- Femur

Who is the present Prime Minister of India?

Ans- Narendra Modi

Who is the present Education Minister of India?

Ans- Dharmendra Pradhan

Who is the Health Minister of India?

Ans- Mansukh Mandaviya

Who is the present President of India?

Ans- Ramnath Kovind

Who is the current Deputy Prime Minister of India?

Ans-M. Venkaiah Naidu

Which is the national sweet?

Ans-Syrup field rings(Jalebi)

Who has written the National Anthem?

Ans-Rabindra Nath Tagore

Which is the national tree of India?


How many colors are there in the rainbow?


Which is the longest river in the world?

Ans-Nile river

Which is the highest mountain on earth?

Ans-Mount everest

When is Republic Day celebrated?

Ans-26 January

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?


Which is the largest bird in the world?


Which is the largest organism in the world?

Ans-Blue whale

How many days are there in 1 year?


How many states are there in India?


How many union territories are there in India?

Ans- 8

Which is the largest country in the world?


Which is the smallest country of India?

Ans-Vatican City

Which is the richest country in the world?


Who invented television?

Ans-John L. Baird

Which is the fastest organism on earth?

Ans- Peregrine falcon

Which is the national currency of India?


​​How many minutes are there in 1 day?

Ans-1440 minutes

Which is the longest river of India?

Ans-Indus river

How many hours are there in 1 week?

Ans-168 hours

Which is the largest city of India?


Which is the smallest bird in the world?

Ans-Humming bird

Which is the largest organ of the human body?


Which is the hottest desert in the world?

Ans-Sahara Desert

Which is the largest desert of India?

Ans-Thar Desert

What is the name of our Galaxy?

Ans-Milky Way

Which is the world’s largest flower?


Which is the longest creature in the world?


Which is the largest planet in the Solar System?


Where is the capital of India?

Ans-New Delhi

Which is the largest continent of the world?


Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Ans-Pacific Ocean

Which planet is called red planet?

Ans- Mars planet.

Class 2 gk questions 100+ important question and answers PDF download


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